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About me


Vicky Llimona was born in Barcelona in 1988. She studied Stilysm & fashion design at Escola Superior de  Disseny i Art Llotja of Barcelona and she founded her brand "VICKY LLIMONA" for women. She has developed three womenswear collections: Minim, Maniobras de escapismo and Road trip.

Then she started studying design graduate at Escola Superior de Disseny of Barcelona (ESDi) to finish her studies of Fashion Design.

She has worked as a personal assistant for the Catalan fashion designer Montse Liarte. Then she had the opportunity to work for a company who works for Inditex, developing collections for ZARA WOMAN STUDIO and UTERQÜE. Her last work was to be responsable of collections for ZARA KIDS - Circular casual collections.


"Now it's time to change, Vicky Llimona needs to grow and grow as children do, designing for them. I like to express my feelings, thoughts and passions in the collections and that is why the they are very personal. Honestly, I feel like I’m a 6- year-old girl...".

With respect to her participation in contests, she has been a finalist in the W INSIDER competition organized by the Hotel W in Barcelona.

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